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WS tech

It is an ideal solution which offers rationalisation, i.e. the optimal use of the sales space together with a reasonable price and a lot of freedom.


WS tech`s products are based on the combinations of wire and sheet metal, which enables more possibilities for an effective presentation and installation of sales articles. The advantage is the choice of combinations:
- Wire or sheet metal shelf
- Wire or sheet metal one or two-layer back

based on saving sales space with the setup of the goods and price rationalisation.


- wire shelves enable transparency and emphasize the goods stored on them

- when the shelves are empty they stay optically full

-they enable a free overview of the vertical angle

-the frontal railings are not necessary if the goods are not in soft packaging

-battens for price tags match the wire as well as the sheet-metal shelves



- the maximum use of space with an additional shelf the same height as the original shelf a better overview of the store

- the use of a bumper for shelf material protection

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